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Dean Thomas

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July 21, 2008
This is a rpg journal for the Harry Potter character Dean Thomas
Used for the game oblitesco
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September 15, 2005
The skyline this time of year is unlike any other. If anyone needs me, I'll be out on grounds somewhere attempting to capture it. Hm. Kind of sounds like I'm chasing the sky.

[Private] Maybe I can draw someone a picture? Sounds pathetic, but I haven't hung out with anyone-- including Seamus-- in so long. But what does it really matter? For all I know my parents will pull me out of Hogwarts again tomorrow. All its going to take is even talk of another incident and I'll be gone... and we all know how much that Rita Skeeter likes to talk. Merlin, listen to me. It's my last year I might as well take advantage of each day of it I get instead of worrying about when it'll end. [/private]
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September 9, 2005
[ mood | anxious ]

I'm not sure if any of you have noticed, but I haven't been at Hogwarts. Luckily, my brother decided to help me for once merlin knows where that came from? and together we finally convinced my parents to let me return. So, I'll be back to Hogwarts tomorrow and starting classes again Monday.

Of course, that means I missed the first week or so of class. Does anyone have notes I can borrow or anything?

[Private to Seamus] We're hanging out this weekend. Whether you like it or not. I'll even be nice and give you a choice of time and place. Ideas? [/private]

[Private to Susan] Hey Susan, I just wanted to mention that I had a brilliant time with you at Diagon Alley. If you'd like to get together again while we're at Hogwarts... or well, if not, I'll see you around of course. [/private]

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August 1, 2005
Would it be awful to say that art camp is simply too structured for me? They're like "Oh, today we're going to use clay to mold a tree." Er, great. I bet there's billions of clay moldings of trees. We don't even get to do interesting trees, and all of them end up looking practically the same. Isn't art suppose to let you get creative?

But I'm home now, so what does it matter. Well, at least until they send me back. I mean it's not the worst place in the world and it's better then being home. I can barely get any sketching done here because my parents don't want me out of sight. Since coming home I've only seen Seamus and honestly I'm pretty bloody worried that my parents aren't going to send me back to Hogwarts. I mean, they already took me out in the middle of last year and that was before the leaving feast turned into mass chaos.

If anyone happens to be around London, you know where to find me. Visits are encouraged, they'll get me away from these awful family dinners and my older brother teasing me about girls. But hey, that's what older brothers do, isn't it?
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